Trister Eye & Facial Beauty Massager
EYE & FACIAL BEAUTY MASSAGER TS 800EFM Key Features 10,000 sonic pulsations per minute, deep face cleansing Food grade silicone, safe and eco-friendly Water-resistant-IPX7 7 adjustable speeds, 2 working modes Comfortable face & eye massager Automatically turns off after 5 minutes...
Dhs. 145.95
Trister Silicone Face Cleanser
The Trister Silicone Face Cleanser delivers a deeper, gentler clean than from any facecloth, combining vibration pulsations and soft silicone touch-points that stimulate and invigorate all skin types.Waterproof and USB chargeable, it’s a go-anywhere convenient cleanser.Key Features Two working modes:...
Dhs. 82.95
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