Beurer HM 16 Thermo Hygrometer
Beurer HM 16 Thermo Hygrometer The thermo hygrometer perfectly monitors your indoor environment. It displays the temperature and humidity. The face icons help you to classify the values. Displays temperature and humidity Face icons Standalone or hanging thermo hygrometer Displays...
Dhs. 80.00
Geratherm Basal Ovulation Thermometer Mercury Free
The mercury-free thermometer, Geratherm basal, has been developed by Geratherm Medical AG and contains a  patented liquid alloy consisting of gallium, indium, and tin €“ called Galinstan.Galinstan is completely non-toxic and environment-friendly. The measuring fluid Galinstan must not be brought into contact...
Dhs. 82.95
Geratherm Rapid Thermometer Orange
Rapid | end product properties The gold sensor has an anti-allergic effect Fever alarm Flexible tip – can be bent up to 45° High accuracy (+/- 0.1 °C) 100 % waterproof Extra-large, easy-to-read display Memory Beeps when ready switches off...
Dhs. 30.45
Geratherm Clinic Thermometer Blue
Resistant against all common disinfectant solutions Especially hygienic High accuracy (+/- 0.1 °C) 100 % waterproof Extra-large, easy-to-read display Memory Beeps when ready Switches off automatically Supplied with storage case Measuring range: 32.0 °C – 43.9 °C
Dhs. 18.90
Geratherm Digital Thermometer
Description Clinical Thermometer for home use, Beeps when ready, temperature range 32.0 °C €“ 43.9 °C . Extra-large easy to read display Memory.Auto power off, Large display with magnifying effect, Battery life up to 4,000 readings.Temperature accuracy to two-tenths of...
Dhs. 399.00
Geratherm Baby Flex digital Thermometer Rose
Electronic thermometer for children Geratherm Baby Flex - for measuring body temperature in children, pink color. It has a large display which makes the reading of the result easy and accurate, in addition, the flexible tip allows you to bend...
Dhs. 26.25
Geratherm Baby Flex Digital Thermometer Light Blue
This medical Thermometer is unique in the way it displays the temperature using clear easy to see digital display. The GerathermŠ¾ Baby Flex can be used in a number of differnet ways to test the temperatureit can be used for...
Dhs. 26.25
Geratherm Solar Thermometer
Extremely quick and precise temperature measurements from only 9 seconds. Gentle and comfortable measurements thanks to the flexible tip: more safety and less chance of injury or pain when taking temperatures. Especially kind to the skin because of the nickel-free,...
Dhs. 51.45
Geratherm Fusion - Digital Thermometer
�в With digital running scale; combines analogue and digital scale �в Flexible tip �в High accuracy (+/-0.1) �в Fever indicator �в Memory �в Signal tone �в Switches off automatically �в Provided with protective case �в Measuring range: 28.0��C �У 43.9��C
Dhs. 47.25
Trister Digital Thermometer 20 Second Rigid Tip
Proven accuracy Fever alarm Auto switch-off Measures °C/°F Last Memory recall
Dhs. 15.75
Trister Digital Thermometer 20 Sec Flexi Tip
Trister thermometer The temperature of a typical body alters from 97.7 °F to 99.5 °F, 36.5 °C to 37.5 °C. It can change around 0.9°F (0.5°C) during the day and is called Normothermia. Although mild body temperature changes are common, make...
Dhs. 19.95
Trister Digital Thermometer 10 Second Flexi Tip
Normal body temperature varies between 97.7°F and 99.5°F, or 36.5°C and 37.5°C. This value is called normothermia and may vary by about 0.9°F (0.5°C) during the day. While minor changes in body temperature are normal, it is important to check...
Dhs. 26.25
Trister Digital Thermometer 10 Sec Rigid Tip
Trister thermometer is easy to use Digital Thermometer is very easy and safe to use. It is used to measure the temperature of different objects and also the temperature of humans.  Better Accuracy Trister Digital Thermometer measures the temperature in...
Dhs. 19.95
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