Attends Care Cream 200 ml
A rich, protective cream with Mild Vegetable Oils and Cera Alba which leaves a thin, protective water-resistant film on the skin, to help keep skin soft and smooth. How to use:  Apply after washing, bathing, or showering or apply to...
Dhs. 36.75
Attends Care Body Milk 500 ml
A moisturizing body lotion, enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. It is absorbed by the skin for long term skin hydration. It helps to keep skin soft and smooth. How to use:  For moisturizing the whole body. It can be...
Dhs. 64.05
Attends Care Hydro Gel 200 ml
Liniment based gel designed to be massaged into the skin with Mint Oil, Camphor and Menthol that generates a cooling/warming effect on the skin. How to use:  Ideal for massaging to improve circulation. It can be re-applied as often as...
Dhs. 27.30
Attends Care Washing Lotion 500 ml
The Attends Care Washing Lotion provides a solution for on-the-spot cleansing of all body parts. The lotion can be used without water and can help to keep skin clean, soft, and free from irritants. 
Dhs. 37.80
Attends Professional Care Cleansing Foam 400 ml
For mild yet effective cleansing in intimate areas.With Allantoin and Panthenol which moisturizes and soothes the skin and leaves a protective film for extra protection. How to use:  Shake well, spray foam onto a wash glove or Dry Wipe, then...
Dhs. 39.90
Attends Skin Cleansing Glove 50's
Made from very soft cellulose and thus gentle on the skin, Skin Cleansing Gloves have a special oval opening making it easier for the wearer to pull on and off. Non-Metal coated.
Dhs. 34.65
Attends Care Wetwipes 80's
Practical moisturising wet wipes, for quick and easy cleansing. With Allantoin, Aloe Vera extract and Glycerin, they leave the skin clean, soft and moisturized. How to use:  Gently cleanse with the wipe where needed. They can be used for intimate...
Dhs. 27.30
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